A77 flash overexposure problems: hypothesis

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Re: Exchange flashes?

lowz220 wrote:

Based on feedback regarding the Sony flashes, should I return my recently purchased Sony 43 flash for the comparable Metz flash?

I see from your other posts that you use the a77 with 16-50, 70-300, etc. to take indoor photos of grandchildren and some special events. My situation is nearly identical.

I would definitely get the Metz 58, save the $150 bucks, and get conistently beautiful flash pictures with your a77. The Sony 58 which I sold after only a few months of ownership was very unpredictable, more expensive, and had pro features I never needed / wanted which I do not miss at all.

Metz provides a really solid and reliable unit with a 2nd fill flash strobe built in which is superb. I used Metz Mecablitz units in the 1960s as a high school photography buff so I know they have been building great flash units for at least 50 years I can personally recall.


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