How to boot Linux from USB?

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Re: How to boot Linux from USB?

CAcreeks wrote:

I was bequeathed a Dell laptop running Windows XP. The keyboard is in good shape. The screen is 1280x800 and sharp.

Setup (F2) menu shows a choice to boot from CDROM or USB, among other devices. I know how to burn an ISO image and boot from CDROM. I have never booted from USB.

What kind of image do I put on the USB stick? Seems like it should be a filesystem, not an ISO image.

an ISO is just an archive file, it's a container holding files. You can write out the container to a CD or a USB, and boot from that.

Lots of conflicting information on the web, even Mint related. I will probably put Mint 13 Mate on there to match my desktop. Thanks in advance.

another option to unpacking the ISO: Make a multiboot USB. First you format the USB to your favourite filesystem (NTFS works best for me) and make it bootable. Then you install a bootloader on it that can handle booting ISO's directly, and make references to the raw ISO files that you also put on the USB.

It can be daunting to manually adapt the startup lines, but it's a doable task. Most ISO's can be booted this way, and you can have multiple OS's on one stick to choose from.

here is a site that explains the how-to :

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