D90 user thinking about move to D600

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Re: D90 user thinking about move to D600

Some very encouraging replies - thank you! (and great pics too!)

My first camera was a D40 and it also seems that the D600 might be as big a jump from the D90 as the D90 was from the D40.

As for lenses, I will probably get the kit lens (24-85mm VR) as it has received some pretty good reviews.  I'll also buy the Af-S 50mm 1.8G.  I can use my existing AIS 24mm f2.8 (although I suspect the 24-85 will probably be better at 24mm).  I know someone mentioned using the 11-16mm Tokina at the 16mm end so I'll try this too.

Would it be possible if you guys could please show some pics showing the D600's dynamic range and high ISO abilities (maybe at ISO 3200 and 6400)?

Thanks once again :))

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