Sony Nex-5N, 5-R, 6, or RX100?

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Sony Nex-5N, 5-R, 6, or RX100?

I'm looking to purchase my first higher level (above a normal point and shoot) camera and I'm looking at these four cameras right now. (Fell into the Nexs early in my search, might be the reason these are all Sonys)

I'm wondering what one is the best value for the cost. What do you think are the best features these cameras provide? I've read up on some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, but I still can't decide so I thought I'd bring my question to the dpreview community.

I know it depends a lot on my tastes and what I see as most important so I'll list a few of my thoughts.

- Image Quality (my #1 reason for wanting to upgrade).

- Wi-Fi is nice, but I don't see as that big of a deal.

- I like the hotshoe on the Nex-6, but that just makes me NEED to buy a mic, flash, etc.. And I don't know much money I want to invest.

- I'd like to own this camera for a while, so lasting value is important.

- Compactness is very nice, but not crucial.

- Don't know a whole lot about all the controls there are to tweak photos, so I probably wouldn't miss anything if it wasn't included) (I DO want to play around with this stuff though)

- Zoom, I would like the ability to shoot anything I saw so it's something I've been thinking about. I've been looking at the 55-210mm lens for the Nex Cameras, but thats another $350. (not sure if it's worth it - ??? Just came out with a newer one?? Which one is better??) Should I look for a bundled price including this lens?

- Hybrid focus in 5R & 6? - How is it and is it worth it? My primary use wouldn't be for shooting sports, but I would definitely like to take clear photos of sporting events when they occur.

- And I see myself taking a variety of different shots (landscape, portrait, sports, night (low-light) shots, etc.)

This is what I've seen for prices (please let me know if they are cheaper anywhere else)

Nex 5N - 18-55mm lens - $580

Nex 5R - 18-55mm lens - $700

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 - 16-50mm lens - $800 (is the zoom lens worth $100?)

Nex 6   - 16-50mm lens - $1,000

Rx100  -  ----------------- - $650

Any suggestions/information on these cameras would be much appreciated. And feel free to recommend something else too, just provide some info on why I should consider it. Thank you.

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