Gitzo GT2541 vs GT1542T for hiking and exploring

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Re: Gitzo GT2541 vs GT1542T for hiking and exploring

Thanks a lot for the replies so far!

I can see that this discussion is going towards the 2 Series tripod, but I'd like to forget for a second that I was intending to use it with a 70-200mm lens.

If I only consider my 14-24mm and 24-70mm, which I will be using at least 90% of the time, could the 1 Series traveller be an issue? I'm doing a lot of long exposures (30 seconds to minutes) at wide angles, so I'm usually at 14-35mm, at 70mm only on occasions.

I would be ok with getting a lighter tripod that works with the 70-200mm in good conditions (i.e. no to little wind) but works well with the wide and ultra wide angle lenses in reasonable conditions (a little more wind). If I run into issues with wind at 200mm I'd say that's a reasonable compromise... So if that's the case, I'm going for the 1542T, if not I have to reconsider.

The additional length of the 2 Series tripod is an issue, especially if I want to put it in or on a backpack and unfortunately the equivalent 2 Series traveller is more than $850...

With regards to the ball head, I was looking at the RRS BH-30 with an L-plate for the D800, which should give me enough stability for wider angles. Again, for the 70-200mm I'd use the lens foot and I would be ok to use it only in landscape mode. Are there any objections to this? Would you upgrade to the BH-40 instead?

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