Kodak announced their micro four third camera!!??

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Re: Kodak announced their micro four third camera!!??

BingoCharlie wrote:

The member we really need in m43 is PENTAX! That would give the consortium that last bit of critical mass that it seems to need. Please give me an m43 version of the K5IIs!

I hoped for quite a while that Fuji would join in, ever since rumors of them participating in 4/3. Sadly, that never materialized. Seeing what interesting stuff they're doing on their own right now, m4/3 with Fuji participating would be that much more appealing.

Pentax has their own thing going. The Q series seems silly, but it's so different from m4/3 that they could have done both. Now that they have released an aps-c mirrorless, I think that ship has sailed.

The last holdout seems to be Sigma. They never made many cameras anyway, so maybe they've decided to just stick to lenses, but if not, I'd think they would consider going with a native m4/3 or maybe NEX mount.

I know foveon sensors have their quirks, but I think a DP1 with an m4/3 mount would add another appealing wrinkle to the format.

Come on Sigma! We're on a roll!

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