V1 primary or back up camera?

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Re: V1 primary or back up camera?

Craig 66 wrote:

Picked up the V1 two lens kit during the holiday sale from B&H and a refurbished flash from Cametta. Plan on using the V1 for shots of the grand kids playing sports and horses at play. Want to get a second camera like a Fuji X00s for landscape and people. My questions are, do you use the N1 system as your primary camera or as a back up? And if you have another camera what is it and what do you use each for?

Thanks for all responses?


I consider my V1 a more of a social friendly companion camera to my much larger and more intimidating D7000 DSLR, but not really a back-up for my DSLR,(for that I have a Nikon D5100). Although the D7000 is capable of better image quality, the V1 is the camera  I chose for the family and social photography now because it has other virtues I had not anticipated when I bought it. Due to its diminutive size and silent shutter, I find I am getting more and better candid shots than I ever did with my DSLRs. It's even better than a P&S in this regard because of the high ISO image quality allows me to avoid using flash at times, and when I must use flash, the SB-N5  bounce flash is not annoying like a direct flash and gives a softer and  better look as well. I am also getting into more photos since I can hand off my V1 to anyone, regardless of their photography experience and still get very good results. Needless to say, I have not used any of my P&S cameras since I got my V1!
- Jon

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