Nikon 50mm 1.4D Auto Focus Need Help

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Steve Bingham

Steve Bingham wrote:

It looks like the top one was taken with a 70-200mm, not a 50mm.

Yes, it was a mistake I posted the wrong picture, my intention was to post this one at 1.8:

The remaining have an ISO of 500 and a shutter speed of 1/4000. Why not use ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 1/800? The higher ISO 500 will make it a little softer.

True but did you had chance to walk on 34st in the middle of those buildings?, I was moving from left to right trying to find a nice angle and background and the exposure change dramatically when you transition from the buildings and the corner of the street where you have a big source of light.

Did you shoot in raw and forget to use USM (unsharp mask)?

I always shoot in RAW and I use unsharp mask in lower levels.

Your co-worker is beautiful. Now you have an excuse to keep shooting her! Suggestion: Have her wear something other than black. Black is hard to pull off without serious lighting.

I am also not sure I would ever want to shot a model in the middle of the street using live view! Yikes. It might be your last live view.

‚ÄčLOL... she is and it is nice to have this kind of help all the time

Lastly, test your lens for concentricity. Find a blank wall, level the camera, open to f1.4 and shoot. Is the left side as sharp as the right side (wide side of the frame)? Keep the camera perfectly level for all three dimensions. A tripod will help. Now shoot a vertical with the same setup. Be sure to have all plains level. Check again for the right side vs left side (which, in fact, will now be the narrow side of the frame). Now you have verification that your lens is concentric - a good thing to know. I have returned more than one lens that had some lopsided focusing issues.

Thank you Steve for your time and advice, this weekend will be my 50mm 1.4 project.

Have a great day.


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Steve Bingham

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