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A few words about Minolta's old lens mounts...

captura wrote:

I really like the Minolta mount.

Me too. Minolta's SR/MC/MD mount was one of the first "modern" bayonets, and was significantly nicer to use than the Nikon, Canon, or Pentax (M42) mounts it competed with.  For example, I used to easily and quickly change lenses with one hand using my Minolta XK, while my Nikon- and Canon-using friends went looking for a way to free another hand.  

Minolta MC/MD lenses have the useful property that they essentially default to manual aperture control, which is generally what we want when using them on a NEX. Opposite of Canon FD/FDn, Minolta MC/MD lenses only need a pin for auto aperture.

The weak spot, if there is one, for the Minolta MC/MD mount is that it relies more on springs than other lenses do. For example, a spring in the body mount does the meter coupling for MC/MD, as opposed to the springless Nikon F prong trap (which is touchy about alignment when mounting) -- an irrelevant issue using either lens on a NEX body. More significantly, the spring arrangement in MC/MD lenses seems to have a slightly higher chance of causing problems with a stuck aperture.

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