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What's sad is that you post an OBVIOUSLY OUT OF FOCUS photograph and instead of realizing there is something wrong with your camera and/or lens you reach the conclusion that this is the best that the Nikon D7000 can achieve and make an incorrect post that the D7000's "image quality is worser [sic] than the D5100."

Do you really think anyone in their right mind is going to spend around $1,000 (original D7000 price) on a camera body and be satisfied with the result above?

I'm glad to see you're getting help with your individual camera or lens problems, but making a misleading post where you claim the camera itself is flawed in this respect is a rotten way to go about it.

Hi Jake,
you are right if I sounded like the way you explained but my aim was/is totally different than this..
I sent my camera for 2 times in order to understand whether it needed fine tuning or not and for both times (and 1st one was an authorized nikon service) they assured me that there's nothing wrong with my camera and no tuning is needed..

And it appears they were correct. The camera doesn't look to need fine tuning or re-calibration. The lens may be a different story.

I am not an expert so I trusted them... and continued shooting..
Then I owned a 5100 and a while ago I decided to make a comparison and run this test and the result was a huge disapointment for my d7k...
5100's image quality was better than d7ks as you can see at those photos...
and this made me very very sad..and I decided to change my d7k..

Should have perhaps changed the lens and not the body. Just because a lens performs well on one body does not mean it will on all.

I still think that the chances to get a better quality shoot with a 5100 is greater than d7k...
You can say it is because of user errors but then why in general I get sharper images with my 5100 with the same style that I use my d7k?

Because you never fine tuned your lens.

and I assure you that I really really want to love my d7k and get sharper results and want to trust it 100%..
but whenever I make a quality test there's sth wrong with the quality..(I havent done too many though)

And the tests do seem tp point to a lens issue...not a body issue.

I dont understand, sorry... If the problem is with my lens then how do i get sharper results with the very same lens when it is on my d5100...

Also, i have 4 different lenses and according to this reikans focal software test,  all of my lenses require fine tuning, all the 4 lenses.. Isnt it weird?

and lastly I must confess that I am highly affected with the comments made by 2 of the most popular uk based photo magazines about d7k, you can read them here
1st one belongs to digital camera world magazine, pls check their rating to d7k's image quality (it was a thread opened by me):


and the 2nd one is under this thread: subject name is 'this months n-photo magazine'
quoting to below:

Ive just bought this N-Photo Nikon magazine and below is directly from them:

nikon d7000 lab test results:
something of a surprise (or shock) in the resolution test that the d7000 delivers the worst scores of any cemara in the group.

nikon d5100 lab test results:
despite having the same 16.2 mp sesnor as the d7000, the d5100 delivers great resolution and almost keeps pace with the d3200...

all these affected me in a bad way and I cant enjoy and trust my d7k..
I sometimes think it is an overrated camera and I have to lower my expectations...
It is what I feel and wanted to share all these...

Their tests are highly flawed....and it affected your understanding of the issues. That's unfortunate. The D7000 examples shown in many challenges and galleries here point to that. Now that your mind is made up...you have no option but to simply stick with the D5100. Good Luck. It is also a fine camera and will serve you well.

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