I'm thinking the xrite colorchecker passport is useless after reading this...

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Getting cameras to match.

michaeladawson wrote:

Anyone expecting huge changes out of using a Color Checker profile or using Adobe's own camera profile generation tool is going to be disappointed. If the cameras were so far off out of the factory that applying a profile would make significant changes then there would be major complaints about the cameras. You would have pros and advanced hobbyists everywhere ditching their current brands for a better brand.

As it is we are talking about, for the most part, accurate color. Some people like Canon colors, some like Nikon colors. But the differences are small. Applying Color Checker profiles is just another subtle difference. I happen to think the colors are more accurate thatway, but it's just my opinion.

The other point of using CC profiles is to get the color from different cameras to all look the same. If you usefidifferent Nikon models, or even Nikon and Canon, the use of profiles can make the color output the same among the cameras.

First and in most cases I prefer my custom profiles over the Nikon profiles. I say 95% of the time. I just don't like Nikon profiles, even neutral. Yes they say you can make all your cameras match in color using Xrite CC, well not true, well in my case it is. I would love to see someone take an image from my D70 and D300s and make them match in color. Even using the color checker, I can't do it. The D70 blacks are way to far off before that can happen. Right now I'm using my color checker on my D600, and I''m not having the best of luck getting the color from that camera to match my others. Haven't gave up, since I'm using adobe profile editor I can tweak until they are close.

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