The ULTIMATE Bag For X100 & X Series!

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Re: The ULTIMATE Bag For X100 & X Series!

S003D wrote:

Larry Gear wrote:

Well, you did say ULTIMATE bag, so check out the Fogg bags: I have two of them. They last forever and are wonderfully made.


Those are even posher looking than the Billinghams. In order to use one I'd first feel the need to don a white polo shirt, beige trousers and tie a "salmon" coloured sweater round either my neck or waist.

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Actually, my all black Fogg bag looks understated and not posh, in my opinion. I carry it in New York City and I don't think it attracts that much attention. Most men here carry a bag, though. I think that thieves look for crimes of opportunity and are more apt to snatch a laptop off an unattended table in Starbucks than to jump me for my Fogg bag.

The people who make the Fogg bags are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. They rebuilt my bag after five years of daily use and reinforced the bag based on the wear patterns. They care about their product.
The bags are not cheap, nor should they be. Each one is handmade out of the best materials, with strong stitching. One of the best features of the Fogg bags is how the strap goes around the bottom of the bag so as to carry the load. I have carried a lot of gear in this bag while on vacation and have never had it fail.
Read about the history of Fogg bags here: which ends with this quote:
"For the present, in amongst  camera bags mass-produced, mostly in low labour-cost countries, we still choose to make our bags ourselves, entirely by hand, for exacting enthusiasts - who claim to appreciate the folly involved..."

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