Looking for free/cheap photo tagging and organization software

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Re: Looking for free/cheap photo tagging and organization software

lemon_juice wrote:

I'm looking for a program that will help me organize photos and easily search for them. I think my requirements are not too high:

  • I want to be able to assign tags (keywords) to each photo so that later I can search using those tags
  • I don't want to have to move or import all my photos into a different location on the disk, I'd like the program to read photos from existing folders. Preferably, I'd like to do without any vendor-specific databases - I don't mind if the program scans my photos to create its database of tags to improve search speed but I'd like all the necessary information to be kept in the images metadata like IPTC/XMP, so that I can copy individual photos to and from my photo collection using windows explorer without having to worry about importing/exporting any additional database data.
  • JPEG support is all I need, other formats are welcome but not necessary
  • I don't need any editing functions but some basic stuff like photo rotation, etc. is welcome
  • I want to be able to access the same photo collection from multiple computers on a home network drive
  • compatible with win XP and 7
  • not hungry on resources (I've heard Picasa scans in the background all photos whenever an external program changes them, I'd like to stay away from such solutions)
  • a multi-language interface would be a bonus but not critical
  • free or inexpensive - perhaps there are some open source options?

The most important thing is that I want to assign keywords like red, blouse, man, woman, child, back, front, etc. and then I can find all photos having one of the above keywords.


Hi, Michal

Phototheca — is exactly software what you are searching for. It can:

  • Assign tags(keywords) to each photo or multiple photos and let you do search later
  • You have no need to move photos, Phototheca reads existing folders and do not move files. All metadata like IPTC/XMP is stored inside files. No need to worry when copy files using explorer.
  • It does support JPEG
  • There are no any editing functions, except of rotate
  • Photo collection may resides on network drive
  • It is compatible with XP (SP3) and Windows 7
  • Not hungry for resources and do not rescan all photos whenever an external program changes them
  • It is free!

And some things more:

  • Arrange photos into events and albums
  • Show photos on calendar and timeline
  • Smart Albums - pickup photos into album automatically based on set of predefined criterias like name of file or event, date of shoot, camera model.
  • Duplicate detection - show what photos are duplicated and where real files are located
  • Safes - password protected zones to hide some photos or albums

When you assign keywords like red, blouse, man, woman, child, back, front you be able to find all photos having one of those keywords.

I use Phototheca to manage my own photo collection, near 25K images - and it works quite well, no hangout or slowdown when browsing the library. Although it takes some time to import photos at beginning after it works really fast.

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