Slow Sync speeds on Canons

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Re: Slow Sync speeds on Canons

coggint wrote:

I'm new to studio lighting with my Alien Bee and I have a couple of Elinchroms. I have just learned that the Speed Sync will only go to 1/125 before some shadowing starts.


Tracy, I also have a 5D2 and an Alien Bees monobloc (B800). Using a Yongnuo 603C trigger, I can sync the 5D2 with the A-B at 1/160 sec. This is the same value I get with a Canon 430EX speedlight when used off camera via the YongNuos. The advertised Syncspeed for that camera is 1/200 and I do obtain that with a camera-mounted 430Ex.

So, I interpret the 1/200 sec as a curtain-speed limited value. The slightly longer sync-speed with the off-camera flashes probably results from "lost time" in my inexpensive trigger system.

I am a little surprised at your 1/125 sped, but don't really see that as a problem. It is not significantly different from the claimed ideal 1/200 or my actual 1/160. Your studio strobes will probably enable you to shoot at ISO 100 somewhere between f/8 and f/16, completely obscuring any studio ambient light. Of course if you tell me you are trying to overpower the sun at noon, then you might need more sophisticated (high-speed sync) equipment.

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