How much longer will 4/3 lenses be sellable? (second hand)

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Re: How much longer will 4/3 lenses be sellable? (second hand)

You are worried about losing a hundred dollars on the resale of a lens over a year period, which is essentially a piece of consumer electronics!?!

You lens has depreciated by maybe 10% over the past year, lowering your equity by maybe $100 bucks, but as if you couldn't sell your 7-14 for $950 if you were patient.
You talk of buying a 70-300mm, but you are worried you are wasting your money. Find a used one for $250 and use an amazingly nice lens today for practically nothing. In 5 years you will still have a market for a 70-300, you'll get at the very least 50 bucks, leaving you a net 200 dollar expenditure for a 5 year period of use, which is nothing for what you get in photographic potential return.
I think you are buying lenses for the wrong reasons, and need to worry about the photography more.

I have over 10 grand in lenses for the 43rds mount. I spent over 5 last year buying 4/3rds lenses, and I want to acquire 7-14 soon. $900 is easily in my range. 35-100 next and the 300mm after that.
I think those lenses are going to go up in price (35-100 and 300, the 7-14 panasonic is some genuine competition for the zuiko) after the new Olympus comes out.
If there is a new Pro panasonic camcorder with the micro mount like the AF100 or whatever it was called, the SHG lenses will have a market for sure.

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