Comparison Woodpecker with Nikon new 70-200 F4 and Woodpecker with Sony 70-400G

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Re: Comparison Woodpecker with Nikon new 70-200 F4 and Woodpecker with Sony 70-400G

johncecilian wrote:

thanks for all of the thoughts. I think a couple of posters misinterpreted what I was trying to do...not make an apples to apples comparison necessarily....I am fortunate to have two cameras, and limited lens selection. My longest Nikon lens is the 70-200 F4 and my sony is the 70-400 and I was merely wondering if I saw a bird out the back yard and went out to get the best shot I could, would it be better to use the Nikon 800 with the shorter lens or the Sony with the longer lens... I thought generally that the Nikon would give a better sharper photo but I am stuck with the lens I am stuck with so it turns out that the sony works better....maybe that is obvious to many, but I thought it was worth taking a look.

Ha, to give advice that if I had the Nikon 400 or 200-400 I would do better with Nikon....well, yeah but I have a friend who has the 400 and it is a monster and not the kind of thing you can run into the back yard with to take bird or small animal photos...and it is a ton of money as well. The Sony has pretty good reach and you can handhold it with good results.

Nobody really cares I suppose, thought it was interesting to show, but, people really like to be critical on this site...but I am generally happy with my photography so I find the criticisms kind of entertaining. Just my thoughts.

You are entitled to do your tests however you'd like, but the fact remains that if you're going to share your "tests" with the world you should attempt to at least make the test shots comparable.  IMO, using both at the same shutter speed and (if possible) aperture and cropping the 70-200 f/4 for a similar frame would tell a lot more about real world use of the two lenses.

(Not that I have any horse in this race, I never intend to get a 70-200 f/4 and was seriously considering the Sony A99/70-400VR except (i) I have too much of an investment in Nikon lenses already and (ii) I can't tell if Sony will continue to be serious about its full frame cameras.

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