Sony HX10V disappointment

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Re: Sony HX10V disappointment
Hi Tatar, Thanks mate for the nice comments, The Picture of the boy is cropped and then processed a fear bit in Picasa 3 and the one of the Sheep is using "clearzoom" which doubles the normal optical zoom. That explains what is going on with those photos.

The reason I changed to the Hx20v was more manual controls and the fact you could do better macro You can focus down to as little as 1cm with the Hx20v. I really enjoyed the Hx10v. I think the Hx10v did really well in that situation you are showing me you have got a lot of light coming in that window so I think the camera was adjusting for the back light to get every in in shot. It wouldnt surprise me if it took several shots and stitched them together, that would explain some of what you are talking about. What mode did you shot in?

As far as other brands go I looked at the others and decided the Sony was the best of the bunch and the others didn't come close to the Sony as far as video is concerned. Perhaps the Panasonic FZ150/FZ200 excellent superzooms they are little bit bigger but excellent for what they are.

I know how how hard life is as an artist and money is hard to come by sometimes but maybe you should look at getting a DSLR I did and I'm really enjoying the Sony a57 that model and the a37 have really dropped in price. It will open up a whole new world for you.

Hope this helps a bit and good luck


Thanks Craig, Notime and Stephen McDonald for your input!

I do have Nikon D90 -- that's probably where the problem is -- I expect too much from a little camera.

Anyway, just went for a walk with HX10V using manual mode, ISO100 (froze my hand off!)):

Thanks again!

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