Best DSLR + lens combo for low light, indoor kid shots

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Re: Gary Fong picks Sony for his kids

tedandtricia wrote:


I own Canons, Nikons, Olympus, Pentax and Sony cameras. I have to because testing equipment is my job. And I choose Sony for shooting my children.

OK you will love this video because I'm showing how I use a Sony A77 with an 85mm f1.4 lens, wide open, at high speed drive with object and face tracking.

This combination is incredible for shooting children. I shoot my twins and they're 15 months old, so they move around fast. Using the object tracking follows the face (which it can do because of OLED) and nails so many more shots in a burst than my Canons, Nikons, Olympus or Pentax cameras.

click here to see video

Thanks for dropping in Gary. It's high praise that you're very familiar with all the brands and have chosen the Sony A77. That video almost speaks as loudy as your praise does.

Too bad I can't inspect all those shots at 100% magnification to see how sharply the Sony AF caught them but still, very impressed with how many of them seemed in focus despite the camera running on face tracking continuous AF.

I watched the movie, and it seems that a lot of it is inaccurate. It talks about "OLED sensor" - BS, there is no such thing as "OLED sensor". Sony A77 has OLED EVF though. It has nothing to do with tracking, except lagging a little behind the subject. The author is talking about 12 fps with tracking and face recognition - it is BS, 12 fps on A77 is only available with exposure lock, in 'Continuous Advance Priority AE' (similar to the 9 fps mode on OM-D). If you want continuous tracking AF with preview (so EVF would show you the subject and the focus frame), similar to 4 fps mode on OM-D, it is 3 fps only on A77.

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