some ramblings about photography.............

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some ramblings about photography.............

so I live near a very nice photography museum in San Diego.

its called MOPA- museum of photographic arts .

learned alot of things by looking and thinking about whats on display.

here are some random thoughts - you can agree or think i am way off base.

1) there are no rules to photography -just like there is no rule about what will make a good movie or song- in other words there is no formula to follow - anything can work or fail

2) digital and film are like apples and oranges - they are not the same and cant be compaired

3) the best photos stay with you after they are gone from sight

4) tonality is very important and overlooked - here is the area where digital fails. look at a platinum print of a pond. simple subject but can be a masterpiece based on tonality. this is a subject worth great thought and study.

5) the best photographers can see more than the normal person - their work is always one step ahead of you.

6) the best digital work knows when to hold back - like a great actor whos knows when to NOT be over dramatic

7) the best photographers wait for the photo - they never force anything

8) the best photographers know alot about art in general

9) the best photographers understand which subjects will be interesting to future viewers

10) the best photographers live and breath to take images

11) film is NOT dead and never will be

12) understanding how the size of the print is dictated by the image is very important

13) understanding how to create a grouping of related images is very important

14) silver halide and very old people go together

15) understanding if you are taking a winter or summer photo (color temp not time of year) and how to create the correct color harmony is just as important as when painting.

16) understanding your subject and more important having the subject understand you- leads to great work

I could go on forever ----- time to pass the ball and you guys can add your own

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