Best DSLR + lens combo for low light, indoor kid shots

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Re: my budget

jbart1 wrote:

Pevee. I was attempting to offer well reviewed suggestions for low light lenses that fell within the $1000 total budget that was quoted. Notice that I also listed the 35mm (52mm) lens as a primary while adding the 50mm (75mm) as a secondary option for more"head and shoulder" type shots.

You do make a point about room sizes, and to be truthful most of my family shots are taken in rooms that tend to be on the larger size since my parents house is roughly 7500 square feet.

That explains it.

In that environment I use my 50mm lens on my Full Frame camera almost exclusively but sometimes switch to my 85mm 1.8G if I want to sit on one side of the room and get "waist-up" shots for people across the room.

Still, I find that head-and-shoulders, though being interesting photographic exercises, are boring and useless as mementos during parties. No context sucks, everybody forgets where and when they were taken in a month, and no human interaction in them.

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