"same old question" in a diff way- Has anyone NOT had a problem with sensor dust issue in the D600 .

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Re: DPReview review of the D600 does mention the problem...

WahooPhoto wrote:

and they stated in their Nov 2012 review that they would update it with more information when they learn more. It hasn't been updated yet so I'm assuming Nikon hasn't been particular helpful on this front.


There are many reputable reviews and blogs around the web that have also covered the problem. In general, I don't expect camera review sites to necessarily spend a lot of time investigating an issue like this that shows up gradually over time and are only noticeable in certain circumstances (stopped down). They often get a sample copy of the camera to borrow for a week and they focus on handling, features, and performance in the short time they have it.

That said, I do find this thread interesting. I've been following the D600 very closely since its release and I'm waiting for some signs of a resolution before purchasing. Many of the reports I've read about the D600 have either been complaints about the problem, acknowledgements that the problem exists but saying it's not a big deal, or assertions that it is normal behavior for DSLRs and people just need to keep their sensor clean (i.e. wet clean). I've read relatively few reports from D600 owners trying to make the case that the dust/oil problem doesn't exist. On the other hand, I've read tons of comments from people that are thrilled with the camera's performance.

I realize that happy D600 owners probably have better ways to spend their time then trying to refute internet reports of problems with their camera, and also that these positive experiences have a tendency to get drowned out by complaints. That said, given the significant amount of discussion on this issue I would have expected to see more dissent if the problem wasn't real.

I'm in no particular rush to upgrade so I'm still in a holding pattern, but this has been a frustrating saga to follow after the release of what of seemed to be a perfect camera for my needs in Sept.

What a concise, well writtent comment Wahoo. Your observations echo my misgivings for a camera I want when the dust/oil issues are resolved or atleast explained by Nikon.

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