Anyone else with a D800 + 17-35 AFS 2.8 getting really mushy corners ?

Started Jan 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Anyone else with a D800 + 17-35 AFS 2.8 getting really mushy corners ?

The 17-35, a brilliant, wonderful wide zoom during it's heydey, isn't really going to be that amazing on a D800/D800E. It was, at the time it came out, legendary for prime-like sharpness on the bodies of the day - it matched or exceeded my 24/2.8 prime from the film days, which was pretty rare to do in 2000. But time has moved on. It still should provide pretty decent performance at 24mm and distance, but not probably the edges of the zoom range. I sold mine a while ago - it underpeformed even on the D700 compared to something like the 14-24, so I haven't tested it on the D800 but I would tend to think it wouldn't be my lens of choice. Wide angles - ALL OF THEM - are really tough on the high rez bodies. My  Zeiss 21, Nikon 14-24, Nikon 24 all have problematic corners at the early apertures, although they are likely better than what the 17-35 would do, so for corner-to-corner performance, one has to stop these down on this particular body. Even the new Sigma 35/1.4 I own and the Zeiss 35/2 I evaluated could be better in the corners at those earlier apertures as well. But these lenses I mention all get better when you get at or slightly past F/6.3, which I think the 17-35 might struggle with.


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