How much longer will 4/3 lenses be sellable? (second hand)

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Re: How much longer will 4/3 lenses be sellable? (second hand)

There are thousands upon thousands (millions?) who are shooting 4:3 with kit lenses (or just slightly better) and who love the output ... as you do ... of their Olympus bodes.  These folks are likely future candidates for a used or refurbished 14-54 Mark II, 9-18, 12-60, 35-100, etc.

There's also the M4:3 fans who can use Oly's better glass on their OM-Ds and other M4:3 cameras, not to mention whatever M4:3 body Oly comes up with in the weeks and months to come that makes absolute best use of the best 4:3 lenses.

Nothing to worry about here.  As another poster said, The Future Looks Bright.

And let me add this: I'm firmly convinced that cameras like the E-5, E-3 & E-30 will achieve a "cult" status in due time.  There will be any number of photography enthusiasts who will come to appreciate the exceptional IQ and handling of these cameras, as I have, and come to realize as well that an E-3 or E-5 is really all the camera anyone needs.  An "upgrade" from an E-5 is unnecessary ... unless one routinely shoots at ISO 1600 and above.  But that's another story ....

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