Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: A0 prints...

This is getting really a bit silly:  48 x 32 inch prints from cameras you can put in your pocket....

Ok, at this size I think we need to be looking seriously at our processing technique. At the smaller print sizes you could get away with it but not so at this size, faults are becoming big enough to see clearly.


Held at arm's length, the A0 print looks OK. No problem really.

But viewed close up there are some issues and it is beginning to have an artificial processed somewhat ugly look. There is a bit of graininess overall that makes it seem "grubby". There is still plenty of detail in subjects with hard edges (like sign lettering, car number plates, but it all a bit soft and wobbly looking. Distant trees don't have convincing detail and edges of brickwork are no longer sharp and clear. I'm printing crops on A4 paper to simulate the full size print and you wouldn't mistake this A4 for one from the whole frame. Sharpening halos are obvious around wires too. I need to back off sharpening at this and accept a softer, more natural look.


It looks a lot better than the RX100. There is some degradation compared to the A1 print but is still quite crisp. Very distant leafless woods look mushy but reasonable. The biggest problem is the aliasing is now quite obvious. Thin lines such as wires and twigs are obviously made up of jaggy blocks rather than smooth lines. Dialling back the sharpening would help at the cost of crispness but perhaps Photozoom might be called upon at this point to smooth things.


Both these cameras are quite remarkable but the Foveon definitely has the edge at the biggest sizes. I wouldn't print the RX100 at A0 but it is fine at A1 and excellent at A2.

Finally, I'm going to do another A0 comparison, this time DP2M vs D800 but I'm going to try and make the best looking print that I can from both rather than trying to expose the detail (and the flaws).

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