Focus woes!

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Your lens is fine...

I believe you can get extremely sharp images with this lens. It may not be the sharpest at the edges, but so what. Below is an image I took with this lens at 135mm but I shot it at f/8. Zoomed in like this, you should still get an OOF background like you wish. This was shot hand held, with IS on. Click on "original size" below the pics to get larger image.

As others have stated, if you're shooting on a tripod, turn OFF the IS - some say it doesn't matter, but there is no need for it on a tripod. Also, 1/40 an 1/60 are too slow with plants/flowers out in the breeze. Don't feel bad about upping the ISO, but definitely shoot with a faster shutter. Also, your flower subject is too deep to get it entirely sharp at f/5.6. Notice that there are sharp elements in your pics. Lastly, post processing/selective sharpening and noise reduction all work wonders.

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Close-up of above image

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