How much longer will 4/3 lenses be sellable? (second hand)

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dave gaines
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More doom and gloom, buy an E-620 or E-30

K Mcgregor wrote:

This is probably the kind of gloomy question you folks are sick of dealing with, especially since there is likely no way to really know the answer. ...

Boy, you got that right. We're sick of this kind of doom and gloom. Especially since no one has any way of knowing what's coming next.

Olympus has said there will be a new camera that utilizes 4/3 lenses by the end of 2013. That would be 3 years after releasing the E-5. That's the normal release cycle for Olympus E-x cameras.

I really don't want to, I love my lenses, especially the 14-54 and 9-18. Olympus is what I want. ...

You probably want a smaller, cheap, lightweight DSLR. Olympus is hoping you'll adopt the OM-D m4/3 MILC but that is not a cheaper option. If you add the grip and a lens adapter to the EM-5 you're paying $1460. For that you'll have slow AF with your 4/3 lenses using CDAF on the sensor. Then add m4/3 lenses - lots of primes or expensive zooms that don't match the IQ of 4/3 HG lenses.

A good option for you is to pick up an E-620 or E-30 at ridiculously low prices on eBay. That should keep you in good camera bodies until you see what Olympus releases next.

Take two and call us in the morning if you're not feeling better.

I would be interested in speculation ...

We've had more than enough of that here on Olympus DSLR Talk. Read threads from the last few weeks to find lots of it. After Olympus said there would be a new Olympus camera that fully utilizes the 4/3 lenses, 3 blogs followed up with boundless speculation, guessing and wishfull thinking. Lots of people here confused that speculation with the simple statement from Olympus.

Most reasonable, loyal Olympus DSLR owners expect the next camera will be an upgrade to the E-5 with a new Sony sensor similar to or better than the one in the EM-5. We're expecting another weather-proof, rugged, mag-alloy body with a big bright OVF, a mirror, PDAF using a typical DSLR AF sensor and all of the Pro access buttons and large dials - an E-7.

It's probably not the smalll, cheap, lightweight upgrade you're hoping for. Buy an E-620 and an E-30 or consider moving on to a cheap small plastic body from another brand.

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