The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

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The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

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Unbelievable, but expected.

Good ole Juan... and the typical black Dem, Hank Johnson.

REP. HANK JOHNSON, D-GA.: Well, first of all, first of all -- first of all he is a black and as a black person being the president of the United States, that's something that they still cannot -- they still cannot get over. They couldn't get over the first election. They're still shell shocked at the second election to use a pun, shell shocked.

(mama, jump on this guy for saying Obama is "a black")

(oh, wait... nevermind... black democrats can say it)

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, I don't think that this is about the president's race, but I think that race has a lot to do with this conversation and that's why I think you see Congressman Johnson from Georgia, saying, look, if you look across the South, high membership in the NRA, high amount of gun ownership, principally among whites, and in fact, mostly Republicans, and it makes for a huge divide in terms of trying to enact some reasonable legislation that puts in place reasonable gun control.


Is it racist because most gun owners are white Conservatives ?

Or because it takes the guns out of the hands of the poor blacks ?

; )

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