A question for all you birders/wildlife shooters.

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Re: A question for all you birders/wildlife shooters.

Dheorl wrote:


Sorry, to expand on that question; why NEX?

I don't mean this in a patronizing way, or coming over from one of the DSLR forums saying "oh, but you could do better with x", I'm actually genuinly curious as to why you guys chose to use NEX.

Some of you are clearly very talented at shooting birds, and even BIF with manual focus lenses, but why did you choose to go this route rather than get a fast focusing DLSR such as a D300S or 7D etc. Do you prefer manual focus and find it more fun? Do you see it as a challange? Do you like the lighter weight of the cameras? Cheaper cost of lenses? Or is it actually just better for you?

I'm thinking about getting a NEX 6 (coming from a m4/3 background). I think it at last has everything I want - standard hotshoe, small form, EVF (although I don't use it often), focus peaking and a mode dial. Now with the metaboes adapter hopefully I'll even be able to get the shallow DoF that is still drawing me towards a FF DSLR.

One thing that I'm still wondering about though is wildlife shooting. It's clearly possible with this system, I'm just curious as to why you chose this system.

Also for those who have had such great success shooting wildlife with manual focus lenses, are you able to do the same trick for sports photography?


I cannot think of any reason except the light weight between two camera bodies, Nex6 vs Alpha 65 for instance. Otherwise, a dSLR beats in every other way in terms of faster focusing, better hand controlling, faster recording, better support, better durability, better weather proof. I have Nex6 along with 5n, 5  and I am taking a 5n under water in a few days time but the ultimate wildlife shooting should be a dSLR.

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