Why no in-camera CA correction on Olympus bodies?

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Re: The better Olympus lenses don't tend to exhibit CA

TrapperJohn wrote:

Not saying that it never happens, just that it's far less prevalent with MZD than Panasonic lenses.

My guess is: Panasonic found that it was less expensive to design a small lens that has CA, and correct it after the fact, than design a small lens that doesn't exhibit CA. This is likely the reason that the PL25 costs quite a bit more than the 20 1.7 - Leica doesn't like to design a lens with CA, either (though both versions of the PL25 do have a bit of CA under certain circumstances).

Automatic CA correction sounds nice, but it does involve loss of detail, as adjacent areas are cloned into the CA. Better still that you don't have it in the first place.

Mmmm lets see we could have CA  which is a one click solution that allows for smaller lighter lenses or as with for example the Olympus 12mm f2 , or the 17mm F1.8 ( according to lens tip ) we can have a lens with  very high distortion,significant vignetting ,huge astigmatism, visible up to f/5.6 aperture. With all but a few mFT lenses various  "flaws" are designed to be corrected by software as a compromise allowing smaller lighter lenses and one companies compromise is no worse than the others.


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