Kudos the the f/2 SHG lenses from a NatGeo video pro

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Re: I'm confused?

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Great, let's do this once and for all. I'll eat humble pie if I'm wrong. I don't have a 6D or the lens you mention, nor do any of my friends. The closest i have access to are the f/2.8 24-70 and 70-200 lenses on a friend with a 40D, and these are a joke compared to the Olympus output. Do you have the 6D/f4 combo perhaps?

I have a 6D + 200 / 2.8L. I also have a 100 / 2.

The idea would be for a lens comparison, so it should be compared to a 70-200 zoom. I used to use both the lenses you mention, and they are both extremely good - though in my opinion not better than the 35-100. They are both high contrast lenses, but don't have the same extra-fine resolution, and both have some chromatic aberration at high-contrast boundaries (visible in your full-size images).

Let's be clear: Your images are beautiful, and I don't think optical performance makes or breaks and image whatsoever. But we are discussing gear on a gear forum here.

What flat surfaces do you take pics of at f/2 with your 35-100 / 2? Maybe you can give me a few ideas, and I can find similar scenes to take a few and post them.

I was just suggesting a flat subject, otherwise it would be extremely easy to blame out-of-focus areas for optical shortcomings

Sounds fair to me, but, like I said, I just got the 6D, and haven't processed a single pic from it yet. OK -- I'm off to sleep. Maybe I can find a brick wall somewhere. Still, I have to ask, what does photographing a flat surface at f/2 (f/4 on FF) have to do with which lens "kicks ass" over the other?

Not that much, but it's the easiest way to compare resolution across the frame, that's all. Otherwise, we will always be comparing the artistic and compositional merits of the images, not the optics. I don't want to get into that. I think we're both pretty proficient photographers, I've seen your work over many years now. I think we can respect each other's abilities and vision (I hope) and rather treat this as a pure (well, actually a badly-conceived) experiment in optics.

Sleep tight!

Suggestion: buy the same newspaper tomorrow

Hang it both on a well lit wall. Use tripods.

Agree on exact distance, FL, ISO, aperture etc.

a distance of thirty paces, then turn and shoot

I'm confused now. Are they going to be using point-and-shoots?

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i don't think there will be any pointing going on

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