Sony HX10V disappointment

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Re: Sony HX10V disappointment

Beautiful pictures at Flickr, Craig! The picture of a boy and sheep show that noise reduction, that annoys me. I see you switched to HX20v. Do you see a noticeable improvement over HX10?

I didn't try to print my shots and yes I like to look at them 100% on my computer. I have to say, that I prefer some reasonable amount of noise to a watercolour effect, which I can do myself in a photo editing program. I expected much bigger leap in IQ in seven years.

Here is a shot from DSC-P200:

And XH20v:

the wood grain on DSC-P200 is more pronounced (see just right of scotch tape). There are many doubtless benefits that XH20 provides -- 350dpi, wider lens, much better ISO sensibility, greater video quality ...

Again: How about other brands -- Panasonic, Canon? Did you/anybody try any of those? Or you think this is a best camera for this money range?

Thank you.

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