Why always compare to DLRS?

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re: actually just the opposite !!

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...VF, and the comparison was after all with dSLRs - for which VF is a major forte ; also I don't subscribe to a common practice of downsampling towards 5N, the only rationale being 5N's supposed "standard" position (standard to whom??);

at low ISO (200 was taken as XP-1 doesn't go to ISO 100) the field is pretty even, but... it is 7D which beats them all IMO:

btw. the size of JPG from XP-1 is a moot point, as the comparisons here are on RAWs


I was surprised to see in jprs's choice the NEX-7 having (marginally) less detail. But I purposefully didn't play that game of cherry-picking NEX-friendly spots or ISO's in the image - I used jpr2's own chosen spot and the 5N was at least as sharp as his chosen DSLR's every time!

A pi$$ing contest isn't really my thing, but I didn't want the claim that "DSLR's have better IQ" going unchallenged. 'Cos it's not true!


this is area I'm always using for comparison purposes on DPR since as long I remember - the reason is pretty simple = uniform stretch of blue watch face + minuscule white tick-marks for minutes (and as nowadays sensors of the same class are pretty closely performing anyway, the details will depend on the IQ from a particular lens much more than from anything else);

as to which is more resilient to noise (again DPR's own graph):

chroma noise - two classes: FF & APS-C

distinctly different between FF ​vs. ​APS-C, but within statistical fluctuations error when apples are compared with apple

This is what I mean. It's useless info. We knew that already.

IF image-wise/sensor-wise they are [almost] identical for all practical purposes, that all what matters are [rejected by Alan] differences in UI, ergonomics, external controls, ease of use, etc. - and OTOH differences and size and wight. And within these boundaries users strive to make optimal compromises for themselves - for each their own, based on personal pick of factors and weights given to every one of them


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