Choosing a 3rd party ink

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Re: Choosing a 3rd party ink

jtoolman wrote:

TonyGamble wrote:

Apart from price do IJF cartridges have any advantages?

My reading so far suggests there are several design differences in these refillable catridges that affect the monitoring of ink levels.


Since I own 3800s and not 3880s I can only refer to 3800 carts. They only require two OEM Chips to be able to install and operate all 9 carts. The system alos resets your maintenance carts to always EMPTY!. Carts are also always FULL. Negative is you have to visually monitor them. Cart quality is superior.

If you must have ink monitroring, then you have to pay premium prices and go with the CONE carts. Realize that the only differences are the Controller chips being used.

Joe, the Cone 3880 Re-fillable cartridges do NOT provide ink monitoring.  Monitoring ink levels is strictly by Visual checking by the user.   Very good cartridges but there would be two very useful features if added to these cartridges.  One is ink level Monitoring (as used with OEM) cartridges and the other is the filler port to be at top where it is NOT required to remove the Cartridge for filling -- or turn up the printer and take the chance of accidentally spilling ink down in the Printer "innards".

I know you have come up with a top load method for your Cartridges which I may (do that) in the future when I get more OEM inks used and replace with the cone cartridges.  I only have 2 now in use.

CONE requires all the OEM chips. If you do not have any chips you will have to pay $20 per chips or less if bought as a full set along with the carts.

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