Sony HVLF20S on sale for $120. Is it worth IT?

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Re: Sony HVLF20S on sale for $120. Is it worth IT?

Eduardo Lohmann wrote:

Letsgokoulos wrote:

Eduardo Lohmann wrote:

peruchox wrote:

On sale at Best buy. I wonder if is worth to buy it or stick with the small flash with bounce card attached. This is if you have the NEX5n.

I agree that thisflash is much better than the kit flash in terms of light direction and power (you can bounce it). It is a nice buy BUT....

BE AWARE that several units have suddenly and without reason STOPPED working.

Mine was the case!!.... As I said on other post, the blinking orange dot (that signal the flash is charging) just keeps on blinking.. on and on....

So.... I have a serious doubt if it's really worth to buy it.... I would classify such behaviou as "crap from sony"...

hmm.. taking the oportunity:

SHAME ON YOU SONY for such a CRAP building...!!!!

Why make a generality from your own case ? I am sure a lot of people have been purchasing this flash, and for most of them, no problem ever occurred. I have seen other reports about this problem, but it seems to have been isolated cases rather than a generality.



Because I am a Troll

I cannot accept this kind of "variation". Is it or isn't an industry?

And I don't know if I was generalizing... refering to my case, and warning the OP, complaining about my flash, "shame on you SONY, for such a particular crap flash that ended on my hands!!"

I did read many reviews that stated the flash stopped working after couple of months. I guess I will wait for a better deal.

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