Where can I bring my camera in public without looking like a moron?

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Re: Where can I bring my camera in public without looking like a moron?

I guess it's time for the TALE of the DUCK! (puh-KONG)

I was walking along with my Nikon F3 and 105 f2.5 AI. I see an interesting sight across the street, and walk over. "Excuse me," I say. "You appear to have a duck on your head."

"May I take a picture of your duck?" I ask. "It's not my duck," she says with a smile. "It's hers." She pointed to the lady on her right.

"May I take a picture of your duck?" "Of course."

She went on to tall me the tale. She had (informally) adopted a crack addict's child. Child was mentally damaged, withdrawn, possibly autistic. Lady found the duck, and adopted it as well. Turned out to be great for the kid--brought him out, gave him a totally non-threatening friend, etc.

Then the lady's husband turned up, drunk as he could be (at 2 PM). Starts cursing me out for taking a picture of his duck 'without permission'. Threatens me with lawsuits, etc. I laugh it off. He goes on and on. I avoid the impulse to plant a fist in his gut. I walk on. Bystanders are sympathetic to my 'plight'. (Except for Drunk#2, who tells me I can't just take pictures.)

A couple weeks pass. I'm in the same location, and this guy shows up.

"Man," he says. "I couldn't believe that guy with the duck."

Moral? Take the damn camera with you.

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