nikon 18.5mm depth of field and bokeh

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Re: nikon 18.5mm depth of field and bokeh

Like you I was undecided by this lens and I had initially ignored the CX cameras.  But a bargain price in Jessops UK (now gone....) was too good to miss (J1 + 3 lenses).

So now I'm loving the speed of the J1 compared to a normal point and shoot and the 18.5mm just makes it that bit better again than a normal pocket camera.  I've even got very quick at changing ISO and modes etc in the menus now so using it very manually with this lens  (but still have no use for the silly motion snap shots, but the smart photo can be quite good for the kids moving around)

Get one and enjoy it for what it is, just do not compare to a 50mm F1.2 on full frame..... (it's like saying a Golf GTi is good, but a McLaren is better...)

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