anyone using flickr/getty here?

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a few thoughts

I read a couple of the blog postings and many of the comments on APhotoeditor.
My thoughts..

you can't bail to 500px or anyplace else - the 'new' price has been set by google and why would anyone go to 500px etc and pay $4 or whatnot when the images are free on google?
feb 2 deactivation...really? WHy wait? And will it matter? I bet in the small print someplace in the TOS photogs agreed to google will be able to keep using what theyv'e got now, and someone mentioned 90 days notice - since getty/etc have the files in hi res there is no way for a photog to physically take back their images.
It's way too easy to get new 'stock' images from FB or whatever anymore - millions are uploaded daily, nobody reads the TOS, copyright laws don't carry well and are essentially unenforceable across country borders. If there are 100000 uses of your photo in china is there anything you can do about it? No, not really, huh?
Maybe some companies will want to make unique images for their own use and that may help, but I doubt it will be more than a drop in the bucket.  Look at wedding photography - I know many have warned that the 'masses of camera moms' will ruin the industry and so many others say 'no, just be better' - so why are so many 'good' photographers screaming about this stock photography 'swindle'?  I mean, they're good so they'll still have high pay work...right?
I'm not giving up/giving in, but I"m not putting all my eggs in the photography basket as a way to earn a living in 5 years either.

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