5D II to 5D III for better focus?

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Schwany wrote:

hdngo1 wrote:

I trade my 7D for 5D II and really like it, except the focus. So, I am wondering about upgrade to 5D III, but for an amateur to spend that much money is kind of questionable. Does anyone here upgrade from II to III just for the new focus systems? My biggest problem is I am so used to all the focus point on the 7D because it so much easier to compose a pictures with not much crop after it done, there is always a focus point I can choose to be on the eye the person. With the 5D II I have to used the limited number of focus point and crop more afterward. The second problem is, only the center focus point on the 5D II seem to do well in Ai Servo in low light, all the other focus point is almost useless. So, for those of you who did the upgrade, please share your experience, does it worth it? Thanks in advance.

I don't have a 5DMkIII, but one way to justify purchasing a better focusing camera is to "not" buy another one for several years after you get the 5DMkIII. Then you'll be cost averaging over a longer period of time.

I have a 5DMkII and understand what you are talking about with regard to not having enough focus points. However, I don't have focus issues with the camera that I can't fix buy finding an edge for it when it gets confused. I can understand why somebody on the clock that had to get something done with a model might find it a little annoying though. Fortunately I haven't punched a clock for years.

Sounds like you know what you want and know what will work. I say go get a 5DMkIII. It really is only money, and sometimes it can buy a little happiness. Just remember not to look at whatever the 5DMkIV turns out to be. That will just harsh your buzz.

Schwany, you sound like a wise man :). But if I go on DPREVIEW, how can I not reading about whatever Canon come out due to all the happy user :). I was OK with my 7D and recently trade it with a 5D II to see why everyone keep saying how better FF is. And yes, my 50mm 1.2 really show it potential. But the problem is the focus from 5D is no where compatible to the 7D, and also log back on DPREVIEW after almost one year without, it spark all the interest again!  Anyway, The 5D II will be gone in a few hour and the search for lowest price of 5D III begin, should have bought it from Bigvalueinc, when it was $2500-2600. Thanks

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