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the cost of hiring a pro / building a machine

10 years ago perhaps. Today? not really. Unless you KNOW a lot more of the intracacies than I do.
I've had issues with perhaps half the computers I've built - sometimes I get an answer "oh, that brand of memory won't work with this company's southbridge" type of thing. Or you can't get all the memory specs and have odd blue screen issues and find out that its a nondocumented issue that using 4 2gb of that memory on that mobo with that bios is an issue, so you need 2 4gb memory flash the bios might work (or might not)
Been there, done that. And then you have to do the burn in and hope it all works out fine.
The 'first' built computer I bought in a long time was a laptop - worked perfectly (still does). Then I looked at building vs buying and the same hardware (specwise at least) was cheaper already assembled so I went that route. Again, a perfect computer for 4.5 years which I just upgraded.
It wasn't too hard to decide to go that route again - but I opted for a bigger/better/built option rather than a truly 'off the shelf' one. Got great support (at least in answering the phone, calling me back), the machine flies. Bad mobo was a phone call and taken care of. 
HAd I built it from a pile of parts would tiger/egghead/whomever been as helpful on exchaning a MoBo? That's not been my experience in the past (wrong memory - 'not our fault' they say..20% restocking fee plus shipping...'

At least this one came with the windows CD, office CD - the 'off the shelf' ones don't and that has always scared me abit as a past builder I like to have the disk in case I need it.

If I had called in a pro I'd have spent an hour or 2 with them - they don't know what software I need installed, don't have the serial numbers, etc. My time. AND I'm paying them to listen to me. (double whammy in time and money)
Assuming they are familiar or do the digging to move all my fonts/brushes/presets/workspaces over, and run everything and enter the serial numbers - I'll still have to make some adjustments.
I would bet both my testicals my computer/PS/browser is not set up the same as anyone on this forum - or than any 2 of you have the same setup. So if you hired a pro to setup your systems you'd be changing things when you got it back - so again, you paid your money for them to do it when now you'll spend your time to do it over/tweak/adjust it.  Just the way it works.
I've also worked at several companies where we've had system wide upgrades, new software, etc and it NEVER EVER goes as planned. EVER.  So instead of fixing it, or knowing how to fix it, you have to call in the tech expert - $90 plus to come to you most likely, at least for the first hour - when he can get there of course. As a one person biz I have sessions, sales to do, etc - so if he can only come next wed at 4 I am moving appts, out of biz to some extent till then, have to explain my problem to him when he arrives and then verify it's fixed (and nothign else is broken) when he's done.
Been there done that, as I've said, multiple times.
I'd rather deal with a persnickety PC than a third party that may be an idiot, has their hand in my pocket and I have to live by their schedule.

Joe Federer wrote:

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

That was my thoughts too.
First, assembling computers is not the best idea - economically it's cheaper to buy a system and add to it (if needed).

Thats' not true. I can build a much better computer than I can I buy pre-built for the same money.

It IS true if you don't know what you are doing. W

Doing things yourself only makes sense if you know what you are doing well enough such that the time you put in is worth less than what you would pay someone else to do it for you. In this case, it seems it would have been better for you to farm out your IT work.

Win8 sucks -- 30 years of UI improvements turned backwards in order to combine the interface with single-screen tablets.

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