Olympus OMD Em-5 body + What 1 lens? (45mm or 12-50mm or ???)

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Olympus OMD Em-5 body + What 1 lens? (45mm or 12-50mm or ???)

ywamer wrote:

I am ready to buy Olympus OMD EM-5, and, although originally planning to buy the kit with 12-50mm lens, I am thinking to buy the body AND a quality lens. On a budget. So that means only one lens.

I was about to grab the EM-5 kit that comes with the weather-sealed 12-50mm. But while reviews seems to be spotty, even the best reviews (i.e. Robin Wong) demonstrate a lack of sharpness in the mid-range.

Everything I read about the Olympus 45mm 1.8 says it's a sweet, not-too-pricy portrait and general use lens. And there's a $150 rebate right now!

Would it be absolutely wacko for me to buy the OM-5 body and only one prime lens?

Would a lens like the 45mm be manageable for someone like me looking for the sweet spot between sharpness and lots of bokeh?

Or would I find myself frustrated at the lack of zoom and flexibility that would be found in the 12-50mm?

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P.S. My last SLR was a Nikon D70, and that was many moons ago, so i'm not too picky. Although I do expect extremely sharp pics from any new lens.

45 will only serve you if you need only that focal length (90mm FF eq). For me it would work for 0.1% of pictures or so - i.e. close to useless. YMMV.

Get 12-50. Get primes when you see yourself limited by apertures.

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