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Re: American Southwest trip by car

The subject matter has been pretty well outlined by the posters before me. I have also been to all of these areas (several twice). I would recommend that you look at this web site; and buy a couple of the newsletters. They are very good at outlining photo areas to where you will want to go.

Zion has a 15 mile paved road and a free shuttle that stops at each photo site. You can get off, take pictures, and get on the next shuttle coming through.

Bryce Canyon consists of a series of horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters that you can walk to edge of, and photograph. Other than that, it sounds as if you’ll have to forgo the trail hike. Basically, you’ll go in, take a couple of panorama shots, and drive out.

Arches requires mostly long walking. Frankly, I wouldn’t waste my time there. I spent two days in the park several months ago, hiked a great deal, and didn’t find it all that spectacular.

Monument Valley is all photographical from the dirt road you drive upon, or from the souvenir store overlook. Don’t waste your money on the Indian open-truck tour. They drive like maniacs, and don’t go anywhere you can drive at your leisure (although the road is pretty wash board- see photos).

If the Indian open truck is running when you get there, Lower Slot Canyon is an easy walk; and very interesting. They drive you out there, for a fee (everything on the Indian reservations costs a fee), leave you there to photograph; then you go back when the next group is brought out.

Canyon De Chelly can be seen by using two paved rim roads that lead to several overlooks that provide excellent views of the canyon below. If you get a free back country permit, you may be able to drive up the canyon, at the bottom, and view some of the cave dwelling ruins.

If you are anywhere near Horseshoe Bend, it’s worth driving out there and photographing it.

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