High ISO noise issue with the A65

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Re: High ISO noise issue with the A65

I am finding all these comments really helpful. I have also been considering buying either an A65 or an NEX-6 for taking live music shots. The latter would probably produce less visual noise at 1600 or 3200 ISO, but I can't help preferring the feel of the A65 in the hand. Both have a quality EVF, which would help me (with multi-focal spectacles I find it hard to focus manual lenses on the LCD and doing that annoys people behind me at gigs).

Many gigs are properly lit, but in small, dark jazz venues I need those high ISOs. I have found my son's Canon 7D to be relatively quiet and to have little visual noise at high ISO settings. But I do need a way to focus old manual lenses without using the LCD, because it annoys patrons and I can't focus on the screen easily. The EVF with peaking seems to be an answer.

Hence my dilemma. The NEX-6 will take many more "legacy" lens types, but it feels less comfortable and I think it makes more audible noise (perhaps the A65 body absorbs more, but the sound seems less sharp than that of the NEX-6).

So my question is: Has anyone had success (or otherwise) with an A65 in dark locations with subjects that do make movements? If I can go no higher than 3200 will there be a big problem with visual noise compared with, say, an NEX-6 or Canon D7?

I do not mind some musician movement, provided their faces are clear.I have been using my old but silent F717 at 25th of a second or lower for years, but the results are best for online use.

I just wish the A65 and A77 had fewer megapixels and therefore coped better with high ISOs.

Any comments appreciated.


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