Using Live View Near LASERS. Is this really an issue? Have people here had problems?

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Re: laser wavelength?
Out of curiousity, what is your view on red lasers like the ones used for pointers and the system used on the old Sony DSC-717 here:

When Sony dropped that laser AF system there was all sorts of speculation as to why it was dropped. The favoured view was that there was some concern that the laser, used anywhere near a public figure, might get mistaken for the laser sight from a rifle. Some others thought it was a health issue that led to it being withdrawn.

How safe or otherwise is this type of laser beam?

I assume that for the Sony camera each of those individual laser beams is very low power - considerably lower than a laser pointer. First, since the lighting level of outdoor direct sunlight is about 100X that of indoor lighting the auto focus laser method may not have worked so well outdoors, especially with incidental specular solar reflections from objects. ? Also, pointing a very small laser at someone's eye to focus on their face or accidentally at someone would be noticed and be very annoying.

Lower power laser beams such as laser pointers under 1 milliwatt probably could not harm the eye. As power goes above 1 milliwatt - what is the uncertainty in knowing the real output power of a $20 laser? - they would become unsafe to the eye. A child might look into a laser.

Chas Tennis

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