Your 16mm (SEL16F28) examples...

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Re: Your 16mm (SEL16F28) examples...

DtEW wrote:

SimonOL wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

Edge softening is usually not an issue - as long as there is a subject in the center.


I guess you've got to be looking for issues in the corners to notice.

Corners don't look bad at all at f/8.

Actually, the extreme corners of the SEL16F28 are bad at every aperture, and just gets somewhat less bad at f/8. It probably gets even less bad at f/9, but by that time you've crested the resolution peak of the center (f/5.6) for so long that everything is else is on a downward trajectory.

See extreme upper left corner vs. extreme left edge. Certainly not a focus issue if I can also get both my friend and the domes/Half-Dome in the background in focus.

With FCL-ECU1 UWA converter.

The thing is, it's the extreme corners. Nobody deliberately places anything of worth there unless you're a terrible photographer (few exception exist, one of which is shooting architectural lines w/UWA) or the sort of lens critic that refuses to acknowledge that this is a 1) relatively fast, 2) inexpensive, 3) wide-angle 4) pancake lens with 5) a lot of versatility given the terrific FCL-ECU1/ECF1 adapters.

It has issues, for sure, both corner smearing and chromatic aberration. But it also has a lot of other strengths that make up for it. If you're the sort of person who wants something just to point at it and feel that it is good (so that you feel better about your own "standards" and fantasize about how well you can potentially shoot)... then the SEL16F28 is probably not for you. But if you're the sort that can take an imperfect tool and work around its pecadillos, you can get some great results with the SEL16F28.

Agree broadly with all of this, except "See extreme upper left corner vs. extreme left edge. Certainly not a focus issue" - could also be field curvature, which this lens has in spades and also explains a lot of the corner issues. On top of the corner light fall-off (off a cliff in fact!).

Still, a great lens for the price/size/central sharpness/weight/adaptability/minimal distortion (0.6)/flare resistance/colour & contrast (better than SEL1855). SOOC JPG on old NEX-5:

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