Photography as a purly utalitarian medium

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Re: I'd say exactly the opposite...

Agreed.MoreorLess wrote:

v1fan wrote:

Do you agree that the only usefulness left to still photography is purely in the utilitarian areas such as passport photos, crime scene photos, product photos etc. and photography as an "art" form is pretty much finished.

For me the shft to digital and increased automation has if anything been a shift away from the utalitarian, Photography is no longer a mysterious technical excersize praticed mostly by those who have devoted a good deal of time to it but by almost everyone.

Obviously "art" and "utalitarian" are going to be intermixed much of them time but the impression I get is that commerically its been the latter that has suffered more.

Agreed. I don't entirely understand the OP's contentions, but if that's the way he or she feels about photography, this is the wrong site, IMO.

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