50mm 1.4G vs. 50mm 1.8G - What about image character?

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50mm 1.4G vs. 50mm 1.8G - What about image character?

Sorry to bother you with yet another 50mm thread. I want to focus on something specific this time.

I know a lot of people rave about the 1.8G sharpness & contrast wide open, focusing speed etc.

I am currently considering upgrading from my 1.8D (for use on D700). While I very much like to use my lenses in wide apertures, I am not so sure about the 1.8G.

One friend of mine, who used both 1.4 G and 1.8 G says that, while the 1.8 G is sharper and more contrasty in wider apertures, the 1.4 G has an image character unique to it. He said he could not exactly explain what that character was, he said it is the special rendering unique to some lenses which cannot be explained in qualifiable or quantifiable terms.

I read the same opinion a few times on the forums too.

So what about it? The way I understand it is; the 1.4G is slow focussing, more mushy in wider apertures and more neutral in rendering (therefore cited as "unsharp and uncontrasty") while the 1.8G provides a more modern-plastic look that is "sharp and contrasty" ?

Is this the case and what can you say about comparing these 2 lenses in this aspect? And please support with images, I'd very much like to see that "characteristic" shots from the 1.4G.

And also, can the 1.4D be an alternative in case I don't wanna spend much to the 1.4G?

Please exclude the Sigma 50 from your opinions, because I don't want a lens that big.

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