Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: A3 prints...

Hi David

Interesting observations.

Did you soft proof before printing?

A lot of tonal compression printing on matt paper especially in the lower quarter tones. I always have to open up the shadows a bit and add punch (clarity) to enhance that separation of tones. anything below (8 bit) level 10 is pretty much lost and I'm printing on 4880 with a very good profile through Imageprint. once spent half a day working on a soft proof of a 30x40" exhibition print was black and white and all in the lower quarter tones.

Your results don't chime with mine printing on Smooth Pearl (haven't tried my favoured Canson Baryta yet). the road in particular has a different tonality in my prints.

For me the DP2m maxes out at 20x30" in most cases on the baryta, I have -2 sharpening upsize using bicubic smoother and then apply no additional sharpening.

Now many here would probably think my prints a bit soft, but I feel they have a more pleasing naturalness due to the inherent acutance of the files, I see this with MFB as well. nothing worse in my book than an over sharpened print.

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