3880, which carts, which inks?

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Re: 3880, which carts, which inks?

I haven't printed enough yet this week to know, so yet another question... The 3880 goes to sleep. When I start printing, is it smart enough to wake up on it's own or do I NEED to hit the "power" button? I've been hitting the power button to wake it up, but it SEEMS to cause the printer to do a head cleaning or something. My maintenance tank WAS at 64% after charging the carts, and now after printing a couple times this week it's at 55%...

The priming of all the printer ink lines ( tubing ) and the head dampers as well as the ink that is initially pumped through the print head does amount to at least 30% of the total ink volume in the carts. Though all the initial ink is not really lost. It just takes up a good quantity of ink to prime the system, it is still there and does get used for actual printing except the amount that was forced out of the print head and into your maintenace tank.

I probably asked the question poorly...  I understand the charging ink and all that.  I'm not concerned about what's in the ink cartridges, but rather how quickly the maintenance cartridge will fill up...  When I charged the ink, the maintenance cartridge dropped to 64% available.  After printing last night, the maintenance cartridge had dropped to 55%.  I originally figured at $18 for a new maintenance cartridge, if it's good for a year, why bother with a resetter.  But now I'm curious how fast this thing will fill up...

I went back over to Inkjetmall this morning and rewatched the video on filling their 80ml cartridges.  They do have a fill hole so you don't fill through the outlet, and they have a priming port.

As far as the Inkowl inks, I found the information on their different inks:

InkOwl PRO Wide-Gamut Ink:  There are many applications, such as proofing for the printing industry, that require a wider color gamut or more accurate color reproduction capabilities. For such applications, better-than-OEM performance is desirable. This ink set is dye-based with a very clean color definition. This enables a much wider than usual color gamut with proper ICC profiling. The main advantages of this ink: better adhesion to varied substrates, better drying time, an extended color gamut, deeper blacks, no longer needing to switch between photo and matte black

InkOwl PRO Archival Ink:  For applications that require both very accurate color reproduction as well as print longevity, this ink uses an optimum mix of pigments and dyes. This ink has a very high performance and is ideal for art reproduction and other high-end applications. With ICC profiling, this ink will produce a rich, wide gamut without compromising much on longevity thanks to its pigment/dye mixtures.

From reading this, I don't think I'd mess with either the wide-gamut or archival inks, but...

Irvweiner, I went over and found the discussion again about resetting the maintenance tank.  Here's a link.  One poster says it'll reset, another one says you have to change the cartridge first.


I haven't had to do anything with the maintenance cartridge yet, so I'm just wondering if any of y'all have had experience with this working or not on the 3880...

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