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Re: Digital or film? Can you tell?

MisterBG wrote:

As has been pointed out, they are all digital, since the film shots have been digitally scanned in order to display them here.
The IQ greatly depends upon the resolution and quality of the scanning process.
Coupled with the necessary reduction in size to render them here, it makes it almost impossible to distinguish between film scans and any digital originals.

In view of the restricted depth of field exhibited in most of the shots, I'm inclined to agree with a previous poster, who said he thought they were all film scans.

What was the point (if any) that you were trying to make?

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>To err is Human. To really foul things up you need a computer.

Why do people keep bringing up the fact that they're all digital? I mean I am honestly genuinely curious, did people here really not get the question was about whether they were shot as film originally or not? It's just akin to a game not something to take so seriously.

There was no point to any of YOU that I was trying to make. But I sure did enjoy the thought of seeing how people dissect film or digital to see if one was shot by one or the other, what makes something film or not other than grain which some definitely do have but I can't upload at high resolution.

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