first couple of shots from "new" 50-200 + EC-14

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Re: first couple of shots from "new" 50-200 + EC-14

sderdiarian wrote:

Nice photos for your first shots. I've come close to ordering the same combination or possibly the EC-20 for my E-M5 and E-620. How do you find the 50-200 + EC-14 handles without the battery holder? Is it still manageable when hand held?

Hi there, thanks for your comments. I still think it's manageable without the HLD-5.  However, the lens + teleconverter combo is pretty heavy, so if you're not using the battery holder, you'll find you'll generally be holding the lens with your left hand further from your body (if that makes sense) to balance things.  When walking around looking for animals, I personally find this a bit more awkward than with the battery holder.  So right now, I gotta say I prefer it with the HLD-5.  Also, if you're shooting anything in portrait mode, I think having the HLD-5 is definitely better.  Feel very solid in hand!

Pretty intriguing to have such a sharp lens fully zoomed out at 400mm (35mm equivalent), check it out at f5.6:

Gotta love those Zuikos!

Combining this with an EC-20 provides 800mm with an acceptably bright f7 for shooting from a tripod, may go for it yet. It's actually compact compared to the APS-C competition at anywhere near the same 35mm equivalent range.

I can tell even after having the lens for a week that reach is going to be my biggest problem with the 50-200 + EC-14.  The EC-20 would have been nice (or better yet, a Bigma), but for a wildlife newbie like me, I figured that the route I went was the "safer" investment since I still don't know how serious I'll be, and therefore, couldn't justify the additional $$$ outlay.

Good luck with your choice!



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